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The most popular coloured gemstone, a rare gift of nature. The beautiful green gem has captured the attention of all since centuries. A product of mother earth symbolising peace, tranquility and inner wisdom.

We are in Hatton Garden

why Bronze

Ethical Sourcing: Our Diamonds are sourced from world's most reputed manufacturers who strictly follow ethical sourcing as guidelined by Kimberley process. We have written guarantees from our suppliers confirming that the diamonds are sourced from conflict free countries.

Greener Thinking: The jewellers who think Green for the future of our Planet. Sustainable packaging, refined and recycled gold in production, paperless invoicing and above all, 1.5% of profit from all sales goes to a non-profitable organisation :Self -Realisation Fellowship (Los Angeles, California) for betterment of our fellow humans around the world.

Help for All: Our company out-sources designs from aspiring as well as experienced Jewellery designers across UK and also outside, appreciating new talents and giving opportunity to the youth and the creative. Although this comprises of only 10% of our stock and the rest is designed in-house, we kindly request that browsers show appreciation to these people and not to copy our designs through to other jewellers. 80% of all our products and 100% of all bespoke orders are manufactured from start to finish in UK giving business to traditional British craftsmen and manufacturers.

Fair Pricing: Although we follow Brand standards and believe in high quality materials and product sourcing, we always make sure our pricing is fair and competitive. Please don't just compare our prices with other web-stores, compare us to High-end Brand stores as our quality standards are matched only by them.

Don't believe us?  Checkout our 100+ 5 star reviews on Google.



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