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Engagement Rings

Our Engagement Rings are made in London using ethically sourced Natural diamonds. Our quality standards are unmatched, so go on and search with complete peace of mind..

Since centuries, an engagement ring continues to represent a lifelong promise of love and care. Each time your loved one looks at their ring, it is a physical reminder to them of their love for you, bringing back memories of the very moment you asked them to marry you. The engagement ring is as personal as it can get: each ring is made to be unique to your relationship. Rings can be customised to portray any feeling you wish to convey, whether that be with a simple style ring to respect traditions or a more extravagant ‘showstopper’ ring to represent a grander gesture. Our goal is to bring your vision to life, working with you as the customer to ensure that this is achieved to the highest standard. 

Brief History of the Hatton Garden Jewellery Quarter
The history of Hatton Garden dates back to 1581, when Sir Christopher Hatton was gifted a property surrounding the area of Hatton Garden by Queen Elizabeth I. When the Hatton family began to sell parts of their property to wealthy merchants and businesses in medieval London, Hatton Gardens began to evolve into a widely recognised destination for quality craftsmanship. Today, the area remains the heart of the jewellery trade in the UK. We continuously seek to maintain the highest standards of craftsmanship and artistry in the jewellery trade. 

Bespoke Designs
Bespoke engagement rings at Bronze Jewellers are designed with specifically your exact requirements in mind. We can craft an engagement ring that has been designed from scratch to your taste for a personal and unique proposal. Custom rings not only represent the energy in a relationship but can also be made to reflect the personality of your partner in the ring. At Bronze Jewellers, we work together with you, giving you creative room and providing you with ideas and careful recommendations inspired by the most special rings on the shop floor to help bring your dream to life.
An engagement ring is an investment, and we appreciate how important it is to create a trustful environment for all our customers. For this reason, we want you to be fully informed when making such a significant purchase. With each purchase above 3 carats, we provide GIA, EDR and WGI certificates which enlist all product and quality details honestly with quality guarantees.

Styles of Rings
The ring style can show your and your partner’s personal taste and can drastically change the overall look of the ring. We have outlined some of the most popular styles below along with a brief description of what each style means and what it can represent.

  • Single Stone; Solitaire
The Solitaire Engagement Ring is a simple classic. This style ring is perfect for those who are more minimalist and prefer a more timeless style. However, the solitaire style does not necessarily have to mean a plain ring, the size of the diamond and the design of the band can make this style more glamorous. For example, a shoulder diamond band can take this style to the next level.
  • Halo Style
This style is typically with a large centre diamond with smaller accent diamonds surrounding the centre stone, like a halo. One of the main benefits of this style is that the accent diamonds make the centre diamond appear larger than it is. The Halo Style is very versatile as the centre diamond can come in various shapes and cuts, so depending on your desired look the halo style too can be more minimalist or extravagant.  

  • Three Stone; Trilogy
Traditionally, the three stones each can symbolize the past, present, and future of your relationship. Another interpretation of this style can be the three stones representing friendship, love and fidelity. A three stone style most commonly has a larger centre diamond and two supporting diamonds on either side, however, this can also come with three stones of equal size or altered to your preferences.

Unique Shapes for an Engagement Ring

  • A Brilliant-Cut; Round-shape Diamonds 
A diamond with a brilliant cut is cut specifically in a way that has many facets. This shape is created to achieve the maximum brilliance meaning maximum light reflecting from the top of the diamond. Brilliant cut diamonds should have exceptional symmetry. The round brilliant has the most facets of any shape, requires the most precision to cut and is undoubtedly the highest standard of a diamond, hence the round brilliant is the only diamond cut that earns a cut grade on the GIA grading report. 
The round brilliant cut first gained popularity in 1919, which was then boosted by the famous De Beers’ “Diamonds are Forever” engagement ring advertisement in the 1940s. This shape as a classic never goes out of style and remains one of the most popular today.
  • Oval Diamonds
An oval shaped stone represents individuality as well as respecting tradition. An oval shape has a larger surface face which can often make the diamond appear larger than other round-shaped or brilliant-cut diamonds.
  • Cushion Cut Diamonds
True to the name, the cushion cut diamond consists of a distinct square cut with rounded corners, much like a cushion or pillow. Cushion cut diamonds are still very brilliant with many facets although less so than brilliant cut round diamonds. This cut is very popular with brides who are looking for a soft look without compromising the sparkle of the ring. 

  • Princess Cut Diamonds
This cut is characterised by a sharp square shape. To the naked eye, the princess cut diamond appears to be a perfect square, however, usually these diamonds are slightly rectangular. The princess cut diamond is a modern cut, being invented in 1980 and remains a more contemporary style engagement ring today. 

  • Pear Shape Diamond; Teardrop Shape Diamond
The pear shape has a very distinctive shape which represents a more unique style and strong will of its wearer. This shape is also known as a teardrop shape and are known to symbolize tears of joy. With an elongated and symmetrical shape, this cut can often appear to be larger than a round cut brilliant diamond.

  • Marquise Cut Diamonds
This cut is a historic diamond shape, also called a boat shaped or eye shaped diamond. They give a particularly dramatic look that often appeals brides wanting to break tradition for a more unique engagement ring. This shape can also make fingers appear thinner and longer due to the elongated and sharper shape. Marquise cut diamonds look particularly elegant in solitaire or halo styles. 

  • Emerald Cut Diamonds
Emerald cuts are unique for their elegant step cuts. This cut has smaller facets which resemble steps or stairs and are highly popular for their longer body. This stone tends to look others and is a great choice for those who seek a more show-stopping engagement ring. Most commonly, this cut is rectangular, but they can also be square. As a result, this cut has a highly sophisticated sleek look.

Current Trends
The jewellery realm is ever changing, and we do our best to always keep up with trends and the fast-paced reality of this industry. We have seen coloured stones gaining popularity with Prince William proposing to Kate Middleton with a blue sapphire engagement ring. This year, alternative gemstones continue to grow in popularity amongst couples for their distinctive and unique feel. Breaking tradition and getting creative is something we celebrate at Bronze Jewellers, with alternative stones in various shades such as rubies emeralds and sapphires to offer. 
Despite this, the symbolic value of the engagement ring remains unhinged with many brides taking inspiration from family heirlooms and traditional family colours. We have seen a growing trend of combining modern elements with vintage or classic details to pay respect to tradition whilst welcoming a new era. Due to the pandemic, many weddings are becoming much smaller than they otherwise would be, so the responsibility the engagement ring carries seems to be greater than ever.
Side stones are another growing trend: we saw Megan Markle receive a three stone trilogy engagement ring. Since her engagement, there has been a rise in smaller side stones for a more modern and delicate take on Megan’s classic three stone ring.
At Bronze Jewellers, we can create any combination and design that you envision and are happy to break tradition and experiment with you to achieve your dream engagement ring. 

We also offer Lab Grown Diamonds which for many can be a less expensive alternative to natural diamonds. We have a wide range of styles and diamond options and can work around your budget to achieve the best possible engagement ring to your preferences.

Ethically Sourced and Conflict-Free Diamonds
Ensuring that all our diamonds are ethical is a priority at Bronze Jewellers. Raw diamonds are all sourced where the mining and origin of the diamonds are not compromised. At Bronze Jewellers, we take pride in our diamonds and are not overshadowed by any misconceptions about the sources of our diamonds. We do not outsource from abroad and practice local craftmanship with all engagement rings being manufactured in the UK. See our ‘Education’ section on the website to learn more about our ethics and guarantees.

Why buy an engagement ring in 2021?
If we have learnt anything from the current pandemic, it is that life is unexpected and shorter than we realise. We should appreciate the relationships we have and enjoy life to the best we can, so why not make your loved ones happy and celebrate this.
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