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Our Skills


Our skilled craftsmen have combined traditional techniques with the use of modern technology and setting techniques to bring out the best look and lustre from Brilliant cut diamonds. Each and every stone is observed and all angles of reflection is measured accurately before hand-making the setting in metal.

Micro-setting, one of the most skillful setting used in modern day jewellery, is expertly used by our craftsmen to make some of the most stunning engagement rings and diamond-set wedding bands. Our setters work under a 20x microscope to set diamonds starting from 0.06mm. The metal is undercut to bring the best reflection from diamonds.

Our team of designers research the market and have always impressed many with their creativity. It is their efforts that distinguish Bronze from any other jeweller and this has been reflected in the appreciation from our customers. Our customers admire the fact that we are ‘different’ and offer them something extra and special that they don’t find anywhere else. Designing and manufacturing the highest quality and the most beautiful jewellery pieces on the planet is how Bronze expresses itself as a brand.

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